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// Maps of Ephesus//

There are a lot of wonderful places one can visit while in Turkey, but one place in particular draws a great crowd of visitors each year – Ephesus. The ancient ruins of the once glorious capital of Artemis worship is now a spectacular archaeological site thanks to the work started by J.T. Wood in 1869 and D. G. Hogarth who continued the work on behalf of the British museum at the beginning of the…

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// Visiting Aspendos Theatre and Ruins//

Visiting Aspendos Theatre and Ruins

As one pulls off the main road leading from Antalya to Alanya and begins their ascent to the north into the foothills one first comes upon an old bridge that spans the river that once made Aspendos such a desirable location for a city. This large bridge and wide river make for a fun photo opportunity before heading further upriver to the site of ancient Aspendos.

Side note: The temperature was…

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// Tour Turkey: What is a Turkish Blue Cruise?//

What is a Turkish Blue Cruise?

What is a Turkish Blue Cruise you ask? Only the best thing to do on the Sea in Turkey – that’s all! You’ll here Turkish blue cruise and Turkish gulet trip used interchangeably when reading articles or searching the web about travel in Turkey. If you’re looking for an opportunity to sail the Mediterranean, spend the night on a boat and do some day tours on land, this is just the answer you are…

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// This is My First Trip To Turkey - Where Should I Go? Part II//

Turkey Tour, Tour Turkey, Turkey Map

Last week we looked at the basics for your first time trip to Turkey. This week, I wanted to go a little more in depth into some areas to check out if you’re either travelling to Turkey again, or have more than a couple of weeks and want to see more than just the basics on your Turkey trip.

There are so many things to do and see, so please know I’m just hitting only a few other places that are…

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// This is my first trip to Turkey – Where should I go? Part I//

This is my first trip to Turkey – Where should I go?

“I’ve never been to Turkey, where do I go?” I hear this question all the time – many times every day as I talk to people that are planning their first trip to Turkey. Its an exciting time to look at a country and try figure how to spend those few precious days that you have there.

Turkey Tour, Tour Turkey, Turkey Map

I’m going to split this into to posts – First, I want to give you an overview of the most popular cities to visit…

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// Tour Turkey: How many locations can I go to in 5 days?//

I’ve had several conversations this week with people who are interested in Travel to Turkey, know places they would like to go but don’t have a good concept of how many days to allocate to the different locations or travel time. I’m here to help!

Let me give you some ideas on the amount of time you need and how I recommend getting to some of the most visited locations in Turkey – Istanbul,…

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// Hiking in the Turkish Mountains//

Hiking in the Turkish Mountains

This weekend we went with a group of ten up into the mountains to hike on the ancient roads that run north from towards Isparta and sites like Cremna and Sagalassos along the way towards Pisidian Antioch. This region known to the Roman conquerors as Pisidia had a well developed overland roadway. Remnants of the road can be found north of modern Doşemealtı on the road towards Isparta. After…

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// Turkey Tour: Time to Hit the Beach!//

Time to Hit the Beach!

I’m so excited that summer is right around the corner, the weather is warming up and that means it’s just about time to hit the beach.

Cirali Turkey

I’ve had lots of wonderful days in Turkey sitting at the beach, cooking out, doing some fishing with my husband and doing a little swimming too.

I think my all time favorite day was spent driving about an hour and a half outside of Antalya to Cirali. We decided…

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// Picking Berries in the Park–Antalya, Turkey//

Picking Berries in the Park–Antalya, Turkey

Today my family went out to the park and while we enjoyed the reprieve from the spring rains we found that we beat the crowds to the Mulberry trees. The freshly watered trees had been sitting unmolested by the day tripping berry pickers that frequent the park by our house. The verdant central park of is a great place to visit for fun, relaxation, shade and fruit.

 Antalya Mulberries (2)

It seems on any nice…

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// History, Beaches or Both on your Turkey Tour//

History, Beaches or Both on your Turkey Tour

Maybe you’re traveling with your family this summer and wondering where to go. Maybe you’ve already decided you want to check out the top rated city in Turkey with your family. Maybe you’ve been wanting to check Ephesusoff your bucket list of places to visit. Maybe the biggest dilemma of your summer is deciding whether or not to visit more historical locations or more places of natural beauty in…

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